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Upcoming Summer

Plattform:Netflix // Utgivningsdatum: 03.10.2021

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Upcoming Drama | 115min | July 30, 2021 (China) 6.6
Director: Leste ChenWriter: Yang Shen, Chen ZhanStars: Zifeng Zhang, Lei Wu, Lei HaoSummary: Chen Chen, a high school student, finds the love affair of her mother just before the college entrance exam and gets depressed. After the unsuccessful exam, Chen gets acquainted with Zheng Yu Xing, a handsome campus cyber celebrity, because of a lie. The two join hands to face growing pains, and witness growth and metamorphoses of each other, in the summer of their unsettled youth.


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Chen Chenas Chen Chen
Zheng Yu Xingas Zheng Yu Xing
Mother of Chen Chenas Mother of Chen Chen
Uncle Wangas Uncle Wang
Father of Chen Chenas Father of Chen Chen
Headteacheras Headteacher
Father of Zheng Yu Xingas Father of Zheng Yu Xing

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Countries: ChinaLanguages: Chinese