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Lego City Adventures S02

Plattform:Viaplay // Utgivningsdatum: 23.10.2021

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Lego City Adventures Animation, Short, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family | 1320min | June 22, 2019 (United States) 7.0
Stars: Joe Zieja, James Arnold Taylor, Misty LeeSummary: Most LEGO television series and specials deal in the realms of the fantastic: high-flying superheroes, battling ninja, anthropomorphic animals, space rebels, rampaging dinosaurs - you get the idea. This CG-animated series, set in the sprawling and diverse LEGO City metropolis, instead focuses on characters who are much more down-to-earth and whose work helps bring the community to life. Among the ordinary residents thrust into extraordinary adventures are overly heroic cop Sgt. Duke DeTain, crisis-ready fire Chief Freya McCloud, grumpy street sweeper Shirley Keeper, eager handyman Harl Hubbs, dedicated city Mayor Solomon Fleck and skateboarding police Chief Percival "Wheelie" Wheeler.


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Duke Detainas Duke Detain
Tippy Dormanas Tippy Dorman
Freya McCloudas Freya McCloud
Harl Hubbsas Harl Hubbs
R. E. Fendrichas R. E. Fendrich
Solomon Fleckas Solomon Fleck
Captain Tom Bennettas Captain Tom Bennett
Shirley Keeperas Shirley Keeper
Percival 'Wheelie' Wheeleras Percival 'Wheelie' Wheeler
Rooky Partnuras Rooky Partnur

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Countries: United States, France, DenmarkLanguages: English